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AutoLean FREE Apps


AutoLean is making all iOS FREE for this week only.  Get them from the App Store now!

  • 5S Audit - Manage your work areas, audit them against world-class 5S
  • Coating Weight Calculator - Manage recipes and calculate coating usage that is machine specific
  • OEE Monitor - Manage an unlimited number of production assets by shift, and day.  View with highly response graphing capabilities
  • Takt - Quickly calculate Takt time for any process
  • Coating Weight - Quickly calculate coating weight for any printing type process
  • Quick OEE - The most efficient and informative way to calculate OEE
  • Life Cycle Cost - A lightweight whole life cost calculator
  • Economic Order Quantity - Simple EOQ calculator for iPad and iPhone
  • Kanban Size - Determine the ideal bin size for your kanbans
  • Spare Parts Calculator - Decide if a critical spare is worth keeping on hand